The Heartbeat of God: From Junk to Worship

Last week I wascutting up junk mail.I have always beenirritated and angeredby all the junk mail. Then, I was inspiredby an artist I followto see differently. Instead of seeingit as junkI could seeit as patternsand free art paper. As I was cutting,I began to appreciatethe artistry behind the ads.The choicesof color and pattern. The art [...]

Drip, Drip, Drip

Drip.....drip.....drip like a faucet dripping my thoughts Drip.....drip.....drip.....drip not a complete flow Just drip.....drip.....drip the pattern draws me to sleepiness and heavy eyelids that same pattern bobs me awake Drip.....drip.....drip I cannot help but be annoyed And then the puppy comes in with her fluffy fur and wet kisses.  Just enough weight on my lap [...]